Construction site guarding

As building projects have become ever more complex, the requirements of construction site security and guarding have also continued to grow. It is no longer sufficient to put up a sign saying "Parents are responsible for their children", and to send somebody past the site on the hour every night. In addition to night-time property protection, ELB SECURITY also provides construction site protection during the day: With services for protection of plant and equipment as well as for employees.

We offer construction site protection day and night – everything included from one source:

Provision of security staff of all qualification levels

These days, security staff on construction sites need to undertake a wide range of jobs: they monitor the employees' compliance with security standards, prevent unauthorised access by children and adults and, using strict checks, prevent theft. We have the right staff for all jobs.

Dog handlers

In most cases, construction sites are relatively complex and, despite barriers, are relatively easy to access from outside. Those looking to steal construction materials or equipment or vandalise unfinished property, will find many places to hide. This is why we employ trained dog handlers and guard dogs.

Security guard control systems, radio equipment

To allow you to rest assured that we are protecting the construction site as agreed, we use a security guard control system so that we can seamlessly document our actions. All of our security guards carry their radio equipment at all times so that they can make immediate contact and request reinforcements if surveillance reveals suspicious activities.

Access containers

On large construction sites, it is particularly difficult to keep an overview of authorised personnel. Access containers facilitate this task by making all personnel entering the construction site show their ID and prove their right of access. Any wishing to access the construction site has to pass through it.