Fire watch

Fire watch in Hamburg and North Germany

A security company protects your belongings and ensures your security and that of your family and staff. A fire can pose a risk, for example. It can get out of control if started intentionally, perhaps as a bonfire. Sometimes it might happen during the course of certain works. Maintenance and welding work can ignite material, as can flying sparks from construction work. Unusual concentrations of gas can also present a fire hazard.
Our specially trained personnel and our top-quality, modern technology ensures that fires cannot take hold in the first place. We monitor the works in question and keep an eye on gas levels. After a fire, we are happy to take on the fire watch and guarantee that the fire does not flare up again.


What is a fire watch?

Once a fire is extinguished, the site cannot be left unattended, since embers can continue to smoulder and a draught could cause them to reignite. These embers are not visible from the outside. For example, they could be hidden inside a thicker and not be extinguished by the water. The embers will continue to make their way towards the outside and often find a way into the open where the the supply of oxygen can can cause them to burst into flame again. It is therefore essential to organise a fire watch. Usually the fire brigade stays on site after extinguishing a fire so that they can quickly act if the flames reappear.
However, if the fire brigade cannot provide this service, or not for long enough, the owner of the blaze site will have to organise a fire watch. We will take on this task for you and are well acquainted with this subject area. Depending on the burnt material and case, it might be necessary to keep a fire watch for several days at a time. We will make sure that you don't have to worry about it.