Security is a feeling – and our business for many years. We ensure that our clients can devote themselves completely and without distraction to those things which are important to them: their work, their family and their private lives. That is why we rely on qualified staff and the most modern security technology; and always within the sense and spirit of our philosophy:
We are unrelenting in our efforts to be a reliable, committed and discreet partner to our clients.
In short: We want to give you a feeling of wellbeing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everywhere you are.

If you are looking for security, please speak to us!

Event protection

As an event organiser, you can only lean back and relax, when the last guest has gone and everything has been dismantled. So that you can be sure in advance however that everything will run smoothly, ELB SECURITY...

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Personal protection

Nothing is worth protecting more than one's own life and one's private space. Every day ELB SECURITY performs the delicate balancing act of providing the maximum possible security to the client....

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Property protection

Damage to buildings through break-ins, targeted sabotage or vandalism costs money – but primarily also a lot of time. One can of course insure oneself against such damage, but it is a lot easier to prevent it...

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Construction site guarding

As building projects have become ever more complex, the requirements of construction site security and guarding have also continued to grow. It is no longer sufficient to put up a sign saying "Parents are responsible for their children",...

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Driver service

Wherever you want to go – ELB SECURITY will take you. Whether it is just a short journey to the airport, a day trip to Paris or simply a few weeks away, your personal chauffeur will ensure that everything...

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Filmset security

On the set there is usually more than enough going on – it helps if only those people, who are actually playing a role, are on location. ELB SECURITY ensures that you can work without disruption...

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Fire watch

A security company protects your belongings and ensures your security and that of your family and staff. A fire can pose a risk, for example. It can get out of control if started intentionally, perhaps as a bonfire...

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